DJ eEvil (Peter Jobst) Born on Cinco De Mayo has always excelled at mischief and mayhem and loves rockn the big fat beats at many of LA's largest underground parties. He is the resident DJ at Chris Paine's Marrakesh House, proud member of the Pantheon DJs Coalition, and had a large roll in the amazing lifeguard tower stage at the 2011 LA Decom.

Seeing DJ eEvil spin live has been described as "a Funk-a-licious Breakbeat spectacular that is pure energy". You can't help yourself from feeling his groove. Through the use of heavy Rockn Electro and Dirty Funky Breakbeats he weaves melodic pattern of sounds you know with hardest basslines to ever come out of speakers.

eEvil moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and landed his first gig at the famous Oar House in Santa Monica CA. In the late 90's he was into spinning retro dance tracks in weekly clubs around LA., but today it is all about the Funky Breaks and Electro.

The name DJ eEvil comes from the character Dr. Evil in the Austin Power movies and is pronounced DJ eeeeeEvil. DJ eEvil often discusses his belief that all people are born with the beat inside and his roll is to be the best beat shaman and expose people to this deep primal source of energy living inside themselves.